January 26, 2022

Glenbrook High School Foundation Student Club Competition

In 2021, we launched our 1st annual GHSF Student Club Competition. The initiative is intended to reach students directly while they are enrolled at GBS or GBN.  The Glenbrook High School Foundation intends to encourage and support students’ interests and passions as demonstrated by their memberships in extracurricular student clubs.  Clubs are not funded by the school so the members depend on fundraising or use their own funds to run their club.  For this competition clubs at each school are challenged to answer the following question: “If your club was given financial support, what would you do to advance the initiatives of your club, its members or the philanthropy your club supports?”.

Read about our 2021 winners:

If your club is interested in applying to our student club competition please email jhavill@glenbrookfoundation.org  or contact your school’s Assistant Principal of Student Activities.  The next competition will be in the Fall of 2022.