October 10, 2014

Our Donors


The Foundation treasurer, Lara Herbolsheimer, accepting a donation from Partnership Financial Credit Union in Glenview.

The Glenbrook High School Foundation would like to acknowledge all of its donors for their generous contributions in support of the students of District 225.  These gifts allow the Foundation to enrich, enhance and expand access to programs for Glenbrook High School Students.

Past Donors

Athletico Center of Northbrook
Alternative Services Concepts, Ltd.
Arthur Gallagher & Co.
Coldwell Banker
Corporate Benefit Consultants
Craftbash Designs
Creative Graphic Arts
Dairy Queen
Arthur Gallagher & Co.
George Garner Cyclery
Gerald Auto
Glenbrook North Parents Association
Glenbrook South Parents Association
Glenview Park District Parks and Facilities Services West
Glenview State Bank
GBN Class of 1966
GBN Class of 1993
Humenik Dentistry
Janzen, Janzen, & Chwa Orthodontics
Jason's Foods
Judge, James & Kujawa LLC
Leo J. and Roslyn L. Krupp Family Foundation
Louis B. Fresh
Law Office of G. John Marmet
Marsh USA
MFO Entertainment Group
Mickey's Linens
Miller Cooper & Co. Ltd.
MiniMorgan Photography
Northbrook Women's Club
Northbrook Bank & Trust
Nugent Consulting LLC
Pediatric Dentistry of Northbrook
PEO Sisterhood
Proformance Therapy
Rocket Fizz
Schain, Banks, Kenny & Schwartz, Ltd.
Scott Simpson Builders
Sunset Foods (in-kind)
Susan Teper, @properties
Valley Lodge
The Village Presbyterian Church
Visographic, Inc.
The Linda and Jeffrey Wolfson Foundation
Stacy Abbott
Mr. and Mrs. Adamopoulos
Tim and Barbara Ahlering
Amy Alcorn
Sarah Allen
Ron and Anna Amen
Alice Barola
John and Lisa Bareiss
Chuck and Kathy Barnes
Brian and Mindy Baschnagel
William and Elizabeth Bauer
Anne Benson
Christopher and Kirsten Bergin
Michael Berkowitz
Jodi Berlinger
Harold and Sarah Beyne
Barry and Maureen Blankfield
Mary Bleeker
Marisa Boffa
Robert Brown
Robert and Constance Browne
Robert and Elizabeth Bruce
Jerry and Jennifer Brunning
David and Catherine Burnham
Matt and Kim Busch
Matthew and Laura Callahan
James Cantwell and family
Harlan and Mary Carlson
Bob and Maureen Carson
Ana Cassoria
Jonathan and Amanda Chiarieri
Shajeda Choudhury
George Christy
John and Jane Ciancanelli
Mark and Colleen Conley
Maria Collins
Ray Collins
Mary and Douglas Cooke
Scott and Leslie Cordes
Mr. and Mrs. Cotler
Elizabeth Cox
Michelle Crane
Melissa Creasey
Carol Currie
Renne D'Agaro
Susan B. D'Orazi
Charlie and Bobbie Denison
Margaret Donnelly
Patty Egan
Nanette Elster
Linda Epstein
Jennifer Falk
Paul and Marie Fischl
Pam Fisher
Teddi Galanis
Niki Galas
Dorie Gaty
Elizabeth Gentner
Julie and Vince Gerage
Dana and Joan Gilbert
Joseph and Valerie Golbus
Mark Goldstein
George and Heidi Good
Susan Grama
Debra Green
Amy Guest
Jonathan and Denise Handler
Chris Hanley
Karen Stang Hanley
Holly and Phil Hamburg
Corinne Heggie
Richard and Elizabeth Hochschild
Richard and Cheryl Hoker
Michael Horowitz
Richard Horowitz
Laura Horwitch
Larry and Jane Hund
Steve and Kris Iida
Kris and Aaron Izenstark
Chris & Karla Jackson
Mary Anne Janke
Nancy Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Jorndt
Johann Jutzi
Michael and Cheryl Kahn
Cary and Maria Kalant
James A. Karagianis
Vicki Kastory
Cheri Kates
Tracy Kazan
Dawn Kenny
Dawn Kerrigan
Jackie Kincaid
Kari and Kent Knebelkamp
Rob Kogen
Thomas and Marcia Korman
Jennifer Kramer
Jay C. Kulle
Greg and Debbie Kunkel
Lori Kwolek
Joseph and Helene Lachman Foundation
James Lacivita Jr
Abby Lasky
Kyung Ju Lee
Rebecca Lee
Luci Leidwinger
Ed Leszynski
Alan and Karyn Lev
Steve and Lisa Levy
Gerald and Sandra Lewis
Richard Litzsinger
Alan Lopez
Lucaccioni Family
Kim Luedtke
Marsha Lyons
William MacFadden
Deniz and Aydin Mahic
Barbara and Ben Malkin
Genevieve Mar
Scott and Linda Martin
Tracy and Chris Martin
Adam and Soraia Mathein
Jason and Susan Mathein
Elias and Joanne Matsakis
Bret Maxwell
Mary McCarthy
William and Kathleen McCarthy
Paula McGrath
Eric and Joanne Mock
Kathleen Moran
Nancy Mosko
Mark and Laura Musick
Steven and Eden Mutchnik
Dr. John Nabolotny
Michaelene Needham
Marc and Breland Nelson
A. Mark Newman
Niswonger Family
Michael and Ann Nugent
Will and Amy Oberholtzer
Diana O'Brien
Sheila O'Brien and Wayne Anderson
Kris Orticelli
David and Dara Owen
Traci Parks
Ajoy Patel
Denise Patris
Jamie Pawlan
Tracey Pekala
Daniel and Melanie Peterson
Chetan and Deborah Phadnis
Steve Pierini, Northwest Landscape
Shannon Pintz
Stephen Pisanelli
Lora Placik
Alison Poklop
Aileen Porta
Jeffrey Porta
Linda Poulos
Geri Prevo
Yanina Purim Shem-Tov
Lucyna Puszkarska
Joseph P. Reynolds
Greg and Tina Rierner
Dr. Michael and Stephanie Riggle
Allison Rollins
Teresa Rosenberg
Bari Rosenbloom
Meghan and Richard Rosenfeld
Karolyn Rubin
Jeffrey and Susan Ryan
Rebecca Sabri
Phillip and Julie Sampson
Thomas and Bonnie Sampson
Eileen Samuels
Greta Satek
Donald Schaffer
Larry Schecker
Kerrie Schenwar
Scott and Roberta Schreiber
JR Schermerhorn
Sarah and Tom Schneider
Cliff and Kristine Schwandner
Brian and Ursula Sedlak
Thomas and Mary Seeberg
Jen Shanhan
David and Paula Sievert
Jason Silver
Jeff and Debbie Silver
Lissa and David Silver
Carly and Kathleen Smith
David and Judy Smith
Tom and Janet Sontag
Karla Sorkin
Kati Spaniak
Marc and Karen Sperber
Spiewak Family
Terri and Tom Stat
Rebecca Steiner
Dave and Bev Sugar
Mike Sullivan
Marty and Mary Szostak
Stephen and Kiv Talty
Thein Family Fund
Joy and Michael Thomas
Susie Thottathil
Gerasimos and Regina Valsamis
Kathleen Moran and Tom Vogelsang
William and Afroditi Vranas
Frank and Nancy Vydra
Kenneth and Julie Walden
Andrew Wenk
HW Williams
Dave and Leslie Wojick
Paul and Karen Zieske

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy & spelling of recognition names. If you would like to update your record, or inform us of an error, please contact the Foundation at jhavill@glenbrookfoundation.com