Support the blue ribbon initiative!


Love this! Show your support with a blue ribbon!

***Content below was taken with permission from Dina from the GBS HS Parent Group.

My name is Dina Saef and I am a junior at Glenbrook South High School. I hope you all are doing well, staying healthy, and most importantly staying somewhat sane during such a crazy time. If you have not already seen, a few places in downtown Glenview have been tagged with a blue ribbon to show support for health care workers and first responders who are so critical during this time. I think it is important that we show our support for everything these people have been doing to support us. In light of that, I would love to tag as many trees as possible with blue ribbons.

I have the ribbon and can tag trees, but have one request in return. If you would like me to tag a tree outside your house, I would love for you make a donation to the Northfield Township Food Pantry. During this time, the Pantry has taken in over 100 new clients and with that the demand for food and resources is higher than ever before as “hunger is unacceptable in our community.”

There are many ways you can fulfill this request: you can donate to the pantry directly, leave cash or check (made payable to the Northfield Township Food Pantry) in an envelope outside your house, or you can send money directly to me using Venmo (@dina-saef) or chase quick pay (quick pay account given upon request). Any money given to me will go directly to the Pantry.

How do you order a ribbon? Email me ( and let me know how you would like to donate, along with your address, and I will tie a blue ribbon around a tree in your yard. Lets light up our town blue together!

Feel free to email me with any questions ( and I look forward to hearing from you all soon!

Stay safe, healthy, and sane!

Dina Saef