Mike Sullivan and Glenview Park District donate time and talent to the Foundation


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Aida 10 (200x300)

The Glenbrook Foundation would like to extend to our sincere thanks to Mike Sullivan and his team (see full names below) at the Glenview Park District for creating beautiful murals for “A Night of Glenbrook Theater.”  The donation of your time and talent was greatly appreciated!

The Glenview Park District, Park and Facilities Services West — Special Events team comprised of Michael Sullivan, Tom Deschamps, Sean Henry, Ken Theisesn, Juan Carlos Castro, Greg Dowd, Gerardo Gomez, John York, Eric York, Jena Johnson, Ann Marie Shipstad, Ramone Boites, Andrea Juricic, Taylor Iaonnao, James Warnstedt-Director of Parks, Kris Mikkelsen-Operations Manager, Brent Carpenter-Parks Supervisor, and Beth Wilwerth-Office Coordinator extraordinaire.  Thank you to you all!