District 225 Day is here on February 25 (2/25)!


The Glenbrook Foundation is reminding you of “District 225 Day”.  The purpose of this day is to build  community awareness of and support for the Foundation and its goals. On February 25th, the Foundation will encourage students, parents, community members, and alumni to make contributions in dollar increments synonymous with 225  (i.e. $2.25, $22.50, $225.00, etc…).  to the Glenbrook High School Foundation to raise innovation service funds for District 225 clubs and activities. By making a donation, contributors will become supporters of the non-profit Glenbrook High School Foundation.  Each year the Foundation will highlight a specific Foundation focus area. This year’s focus is to provide funds (in increments of $225.00) for student clubs and/or organizations to create service opportunities in the community. The Glenbrook High School Foundation is a non-profit organization that encourages innovations across the district and obtains resources to enhance, enrich, and expand access to students within Glenbrook High School District 225.  “Celebrate 225 on 2/25 with $2.25!”  To make a scholarship donation and become a supporter of the Glenbrook Foundation, please make a donation by clicking on the donation button located on this webpage.